Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Services on the Cassowary Coast


Dore's Goodyear Autocare Tully is committed to making sure that our customers are 100 per cent satisfied with the condition of their vehicle when it leaves our workshop. Our mechanics always go above and beyond to ensure that all the checks and maintenance we perform is done to the highest standard.

A key aspect of our work includes performing a wheel alignment on your car, truck or van. One of the tell-tale signs that you have an alignment issue is that you are struggling to keep your vehicle on a straight path when you are driving on the road.

When driving your car as usual, if you find that it’s difficult to steer the car in a straight line, if your car is always veering to one side or the other, that’s an indication of an issue related to the wheel alignment.

Performing Wheel Alignments

It is recommended that you get a wheel alignment every 4000 to 5000 km, or whenever you experience a problem while driving. Another issue with an incorrect wheel alignment is that your tyres will not all wear at the same rate. If you are having brand new tyres put onto your car by our mechanics, a wheel alignment is the perfect service to have performed at the same time.

Some of the other problems associated with improper alignments include reduced fuel efficiency, which leads to you spending more money on petrol. You will notice that your car is not handling in an ideal way even when you are on a smooth road and you are driving at a reasonable speed, you will notice your car is not very comfortable in its handling.

If one of your passengers on the other side or in the back is experiencing some discomfort when the car is driving on smooth roads, it can be another sign that one of your wheels is misaligned. Instead of persevering with the problem, it is a much better idea to bring your car into our shop for immediate servicing. We will ensure that it is in flawless working order soon enough.

Tyre and wheel alignments are an affordable and quick process that should not take us very long to complete. In most cases, it will be done within the hour and you can drive off with a car that is much better balanced. You will notice as soon as you get onto a highway or open road that your car is perfectly straight, easier to handle, and corners very smoothly as well.

Whether you are heading off on a long trip, drive for a living or noticed have noticed poor performance during everyday use, having a wheel alignment done from the mechanics at Dore's Goodyear Autocare Tully can save you a lot of headaches. We perform wheel alignments on cars, trucks and vans along the Cassowary Coast for a reasonable fee.

Enjoy superior performance, save money on petrol and avoid any safety hazards that may be associated with a car that is not travelling perfectly straight.
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