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Dore’s Goodyear Autocare Tully is the place to come when you want to replace the tyres on your car, SUV, truck or van. We have tyres from the most reputable manufacturers in the world. Our unique relationship with Goodyear means that you will get the best prices on their tyres, access to the latest models and maintenance or repair services as per the terms of the manufacturer warranty.

We also sell tyres from Mickey Thompson, General Tyres, Cooper Tyres and other reputable brands. If you come into our shop, our mechanics will show you the best and most affordable options for tyre replacements. We want to install tyres on your vehicle that are high quality, safe, suitable for your needs and fit within your budget.

Tyre Repairs and Replacements

A common question from many vehicle owners is whether they need to have their tyres replaced or repaired, most drivers are not sure, even if they have a good understanding of cars and tyres. If you have a punctured, flat or deflated tyre or tyres, we can advise you on the best course to take.

The best thing that we can do for you is to perform a full assessment. You can bring your car into our shop and we will assess your damaged tyre. Our experts will determine whether it’s possible to carry out some repairs or whether we need to replace the tyre entirely.

In most cases, tread punctures, nail holes or cuts that are up to 6mm can be repaired. You may not get the same longevity from repairs that you would with a new tyre but you will still get a decent amount of time and use. Our team are experts when it comes to tyre repairs.

Sidewall punctures that are larger than 6mm and on the tyre tread are difficult to repair. The same is true for sidewall punctures, tyres that are worn beyond the indicator bars and more serious damage. In these instances, we will recommend that you replace one or all of the tyres on your car.
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Trustworthy Replacements

At Dore’s Goodyear when it comes to tyre replacements, we can advise you of the best replacements for your current tyres, or if you already know the make and model of tyre you want, let us know. We will do a quick check to make sure it is in our inventory and then install the tyres on your vehicle.

Clients who need guidance on the tyres to select can talk with our mechanics. They will go over the options, explain the pros and cons of the various choices available and install the tyres you choose on your car. Our installations are flawless, we use the best equipment and exercise great care to ensure that your tyres are installed on your car correctly.

Tyre Care Tips

When you have brand new tyres installed on your car it’s understandable that you want to make them last as long as possible.
  • Checking the tread regularly. Perform an inspection every two to four weeks.
  • Assess the entire width of the tyre to see whether there is any damage or deflation.
  • Assess the depth of the main tread grooves in various spots.
  • Use a gauge to check the tread depth of your tyre.
If you require any tyre services for your vehicle, come into Dore’s Goodyear Autocare Tully today.