Auto Mechanical Repairs on the Cassowary Coast


Dore’s Goodyear Autocare Tully are the mechanics that you can trust when you are seeking affordable and long-lasting mechanical repairs. Like any other machine, your car will experience wear and tear over the long term just by driving it from one place to another each day.

How you use your car, the distance you travel and the model will all impact how often you require mechanical servicing. However, every vehicle will eventually require some repair work to the internal components. We are proud to be able to offer diagnostics and repairs for all mechanical components including your engine, brakes, steering, suspension, mufflers, exhaust and other parts.

If you require work on any of these parts of your vehicle, bring it into our shop in Tully. We have the best mechanics on the Cassowary Coast and our work will NOT void your warranty!

Engine & Brakes

Our state of the art equipment enables us to perform engine diagnostics. We can assess the performance of your engine and detect any potential issues. Whether you want to boost your engine for better performance or have routine work done to ensure it is at 100 per cent efficiency, you have come to the right place.

The mechanics at Dore’s can also assess your brakes. These assessments are life-changing because we check to see if your brakes will function as intended in every scenario. Imagine a car in front of you stops suddenly and you must slam on the brakes. The work we do ensures that when you do slam on your brakes, you come to an immediate and safe stop.
Mechanic Engine Repair — Autocare in Tully, QLD

Steering & Suspension

The suspension system on a vehicle is one of the most complex components, consisting of shock absorbers, frame, steering linkage and a control arm. These components can develop problems over time, especially after rough use and minimal maintenance.

Bring your car into the workshop and we will see if there are any problems with your suspension or steering mechanism. Some indications of these problems are if your vehicle is a little less manageable to steer than previously if you are driving on rough surfaces, or when you are unable to turn with the same smoothness as you once could.

Suspension and steering problems can lead to uneven tyre wear, a lack of car stability, and drifting when you are steering. Bring your vehicle into our Tully shop. We will look it over, perform repairs and have it back to its original functionality in no time.

Mufflers & Exhausts

If you need a clamp fixed onto your muffler or you want to add a custom exhaust system to your vehicle, Dore’s Goodyear Autocare Tully is the place to visit. We have the equipment, expertise and experience to carry out all manner of muffler system and exhaust work. We will make sure your exhaust is functioning correctly and we can make adjustments to increase or decrease the sound that it makes when your vehicle is running.

Pink Slip Inspections

As part of your annual car registration, you must have your vehicle looked over by a registered mechanic. Dore’s Goodyear Autocare Tully can perform pink slip inspections for clients throughout the Cassowary Coast. We ensure that your car is roadworthy by assessing the various internal and external components.